We can add visual impact and great visibility to all retail, shop front and restaurant signs with 3D Fabricated letters in Johannesburg. The Sign Company specializes in delivering the promise of your products to your customer with detailed individual design. Many centre management offices has prescribed this as the preferred type of retail signage in Johannesburg. This type of signage is long lasting and maintains a new appearance. The letters can be individually mounted or on a backing board.

Johannesburg is known for innovation and these channel letters are part of the signage movement towards the latest trends and technology. The 3D letters are manufactured from acrylic. The Sign Company is one of the few companies in Johannesburg who are able to manufacture this type of signage in-house. There are so many options available with regards to illumination. The Sign Company uses energy saving LED’s. Depending on the placement of the LED’s and the colors used for the fabricated letters the type of illumination can be manipulated. Your retail sign in Johannesburg will be one of a kind setting your business apart from the competition.